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Your projects are always unique and so are our solutions. 

Project Management

Flexible, tailored, result driven Project Management from intelligent and dedicated people.   Focussing directly on time, cost and quality, our people ensure successful delivery with practical, professional and effective services.


  • Development Management - delivering whole developments on behalf of the client - managing the building permit application, technical and execution design and completion of the construction project
  • Due Diligence - ensuring that the client is purchasing or funding a legally and technically compliant development
  • Project Monitoring - ordinarily on behalf of funding institutions
  • Employers Agent - where strong management meets technical excellence
  • Change Management - always in relation to major changes in property use
  • Risk Management - an essential tool in today’s changing environment
  • Development Cost Planning - an assertive service focused on protecting your financial investment
  • Cost Management - ensuring best value at every stage of the project
  • Construction Management - coordinating all elements of a project with multiple contractors
  • Claim Management – acting on behalf of clients from various sectors to prepare and resolve construction disputes, often representing clients in court

Whatever our role, the values that drive our performance are the same. They have evolved from a fundamental belief in total accountability and the team approach. They embrace the following principles:

  • As project managers we accept total responsibility
  • Understanding you, the client, is paramount
  • Our performance is measured against your objectives
  • We must create a robust framework for the team to operate within
  • We believe in the team approach and the strong leadership it requires

Professionally qualified and working solely in the field of managing projects, our Project Managers are supported by an integrated and quality assured administrative system that enables them to concentrate on your project.

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