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Tkalnia, the new project in Pabianice

Tkalnia, the new project in Pabianice

Trebbi can boast yet another innovative project in the Łódz region. Tklania is a retail and entertainment complex, which will be built using structure of the Krusche-Ender historic textile factory. Shopping center will be located in the center of Pabianice, which is situated 25 km from Łódz and being the second largest city in the Łódź agglomeration.

"Construction of Tkalnia is the biggest investment of emerging revitalization of post-industrial theme, which returns the center of Pabianice to their inhabitants. With such a significant revitalization of the center, families with children, youth and adults will find in Tkalnia places suited to their needs and activities, places which are worth coming back. "

Adrian Majsterek, Co-owner of A&A Nieruchomości

Architecture derived from a vision of historical and urban public space context under a unique sawtooth roof. Tkalnia will become part of the urban passage connecting the Slovak Park with the A&A Arkadia golf course and park. Shopping and entertainment unit of Tkalnia forms streets, with restaurants, cafes and shops surrounding the town square with a fountain, market and street greenery.

Tkalnia will have GLA area of 12 000 sq. m. with neighboring parking accommodating 230 cars. The investor of the project and Trebbi’s client is the A&A Nieruchomości (leader of the real estate market in central Poland), which in its portfolio has more than quarter of a million square meters of retail space. Architectural studio, which made the project is the MAAI company represented by Marek Arciszewski. The Blue Ocean Investment Group (BOIG) advocates for commercialization. Whereas, Trebbi Poland is engaged in full project coordination and managment.

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