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Philips Company House

At the request of Griffin Real Estate, Trebbi Polska was assigned with comprehensive modernization of the building installation (CAPEX) and as a Project Manager to manage fit-out works, mainly for the largest tenant, Philips Lighting Poland.

The Philips Comapny House building has four overground floors with a leasable area of ​​approximately 1,300 m2 each.


"The new office is a presentation of the company's technological capabilities, thanks to which it is possible to create ergonomic and fully interactive work spaces.

In the Philips Lighting office in Warsaw, space planning was based on the concept of Activity-Based Workspace. According to its assumptions, it is crucial to adapt the work environment to the various activities and tasks performed daily by employees and the style of their work. In the rooms of concentration, so-called focus rooms, they can carry out tasks requiring the greatest concentration. Telephone boxes for the office have been designed so that the sounds of telephone conversations do not disturb colleagues working in shared spaces. Locating the desks by the windows and the glazed partition walls provide everyone with even access to sunlight. "


You can read more about the project on the Property Design portal.


source: Signify photo: Philips Lighting Poland

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