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Construction Management


  • Developing the split of tasks, suited to the situation and to fulfil investor requirements
  • Preparing necessary procurement methods, adjusting to the split of tasks
  • Organizing the site, ensuring the best arrangements to suit the schedule and/or cost targets
  • Establishing cost plans for the development
  • Working on the design, setting the objectives, making necessary changes to organisational structures and programmes
  • Value engineering and cost effective solution implementation
  • Contact with all required authorities to ensure proper implementation
  • Leading the tender process - making the necessary contracts, appendixes, presenting price mirrors and advising throughout the process
  • Leading the site, managing multiple contractors
  • Coordinating between design team & contractors and between contractors & investors
  • Assuring full inspectors team involvement
  • Change management
  • Delivering the finished project to investors, ensuring occupancy permit obtainment
  • Deficiency management
  • Guarantee period involvement, necessary audits and guarantee deficiencies check (optional)
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