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Posnania, Poznan

The POSNANIA shopping center is a building surrounded by Pleszewska and Łacina Streets. It is less known as Łacina. The construction of the property began in spring 2014 and ended in the fourth quarter of 2016. The total area of ​​this three-story building is 230.000., of which the largest part has 99.000 ..

The building is an investment of Apsys Polska in cooperation with BEG Ingenierie Polska, the architectural design is by RTKL, and the general contractor is Eiffage Polska Budownictwo from Warsaw. Trebbi Polska on the project dealt with Scheduling Programme Monitoring, occupancy permit, and coordination of works of the General Contractor.

The multifunctional center of the latest generation, worth over EUR 300 million, is the largest regional center in Wielkopolska and covers almost one million residents.

At nearly 100.000 sq.m. of surface there are 220 boutiques, 40 cafes and restaurants and 40 medium-sized and large-area stores. Posnania offers a unique combination of local brands with international brands, as well as an individual concept story of well-known and respected designers. In addition, in the specially designed premium zone, you can find nearly twenty luxury brands offering clothes, accessories and jewelry.

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