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About Trebbi Polska

The variety of projects we handle is substantial, from bespoke development work to international leisure villages. Our experience lies principally in the offices, leisure, retail and public sectors.

We are organisers and motivators, people who get things done. Our focus is on the outcomes that our property and construction clients require.

This focus means that our real value lies not so much in the traditional surveying skills that we offer – excellent though they are – as in our ability to:

  • Bring direction, coherence and momentum to the management process
  • Innovate where appropriate, use tried & trusted techniques where it’s not
  • React fast and effectively when unexpected events threaten the programme (as they so often do) and control the chaos with innovative ideas

Our energetic approach, and its inherent acceptance of a much greater level of executive responsibility, is one that we apply to all tasks, from a programme of routine building surveys to overall management of large, multi-use developments.

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